Connected Pathways believes that offering a quality early learning program for children also suggests communicating and supporting our families. We offer an environment of clear, incessant, and consistent care for our young learners by forging a strong relationship together. We do this through tools such as:

KidReports - This software offers parent engagement and digital classroom management for early childhood educators and licensed childcare centers. It allows childcare providers to communicate with parents in real-time and keep them up to date on their child's daily activities.

Website Link - Videos and Tutorials - Displays tips and guidance through the child development process both in school and at home.

Family Assistance - Offers links to families needing assistance for food, shelter, financial support, and health services.


Family Resources

We take pride in being a partner with educationally minded families who share the same goals. Connected Pathways is motivated and dedicated to children’s accomplishments, development, and growth but also regards the responsibility to assist families equally important.

A supportive, engaged, and informed family plays a crucial role in the success of our society. We hope this website will be a valuable tool for our parent community and become a way to frequently communicate and collaborate with our parent community.

On this page, you will find information, forms, and other documents to assist families and community partners to make the most of their relationship with Connected Pathways. It is an honor to support, guide, coach, and unleash the power of community on the development and benefit of those it serves. Every member is different and contributes something to our learning center.


Choosing A Provider

Choosing an early learning center can feel somewhat overwhelming for parents. You like to know how your child will be cared for, managed, educated to have fun. How do you determine the ideal center for your family?

At Connected Pathways, we like you to feel assured in your center selection and visits. We suggest the following procedure for picking a childcare center.


Get Started

Before you start your hunt, consider asking yourself some of these questions:

- What kind of setting suits my child best?
- How many days a week will my child be at this learning center?
- Do I want my child’s school to be near my work or home?
- What is my monthly and weekly budget? What are the things covered in that budget?
- What is my top priority? Is it location, quality of education, cost, or environment?
- How much interaction would I like from the center?
Be sure to offer yourself a few weeks or months to determine the ideal center for your family. This will help prevent feeling rushed or experience limited availability.



After you answer those questions, it is time for research. Try to ask your coworkers, neighbors, or friends who they suggest. Look online for pre-schools, daycares, or other early learning programs near you. Make sure you take a virtual tour and read online reviews.

We suggest you determine at least three or four early learning settings you are interested in and give yourself a chance to compare various environments. You can then get in touch with the centers through phone or an online form and schedule your tour.

You would like to ensure your tour while daytime activities are going on. Doing so will enable you to see how learners engage with staff and see what activities happen. You can also bring your kid with you to know how he or she responds to the atmosphere.



Before visiting, make sure you prepare a list of questions to compare the centers. We also suggest talking to other parents about the things you want to know. It will help if you think beyond your child’s current age as relationships in early learning average over 2 years.

We motivate you to ask questions about preschool, as well as before & after school curriculum, fitness programs, social-emotional learning, and more, which results are impactful in kindergarten preparedness.



What’s next after the tours? It is then time to contemplate on how every visit went.

- How did you and your kid react emotionally?
- Will it continue to meet your kid’s growing educational requirements over the coming years?
- Did they meet your preliminary list of questions?
It is important to do a follow-up with any questions you may have to feel assured in your decision.


Plan the First Day

Your child’s first day in an early learning facility is a big milestone in your family’s life. You’ll find mixed emotions and take note it’s 100% normal. Your early learning center must be the kind of environment where you can depend on staff and teachers when you may be having difficulty with drop-off or other transitions.

At Connected Pathways, our team is your partner when it comes to parenting. We not only care for your child but your whole family as well. No matter what you are feeling, we suggest you get yourself ready and your child for his or her first day


The Connected Pathways Connection

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