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Connected Pathways Early Learning Center offers top-notch opportunities supporting and inspiring social and educational success for kids and their families between 6 weeks and 12 years old. We create a strong foundation in physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Our team has a developed sense of relationship-building for both our families and children. We understand the value of balanced growth to allow emotional, educational, physical, and mental growth opportunities through a series of creative experiences. We believe that, in the beginning, learning about the strengths and challenges of each of those we serve, sets the foundation for the best possible experience for all involved. This relational focus we have discovered, offers children a voice in their learning experience and provides the ground necessary for critical thinking to grow. An education at Connected Pathways is an investment in your child’s future as a life-long learner.


About Us

At Connected Pathways, we genuinely believe that it is vital to support the child’s growth and development and improve family engagement in education. We are established on the principles that people matter. Every family in the world experience challenges in their lives. Our mission is to serve our community by providing an impactful contribution to discovering how each of us can persevere and grow through them together. We do this by giving the resources needed to offer the best opportunities for their child to succeed.

We understand the growing challenges families regularly experience, from single-parent homes and working non-traditional hours, to the school system’s difficulties with overcrowding and failing standards. Connected Pathways understands that everyone is living in a difficult time but believes that, together, we can discover and embrace the opportunities that a combined effort offers to the success of each of us.


Parent Zone

Check out our Parent Zone section where you can find a collection of helpful resources to help families stay involved in their children’s early education experiences. The page is intended to offer you practical tips and information about a wide array of family and parenting concerns.


Our Programs

We take pride in offering different programs, including:

Infant Program
Toddler Program
Preschool Program
Enhancement Program


Enroll Now!

Determining the right fit for your child’s early education experience is one of the most crucial steps in their future success. It begins with a commitment to learning about the people before the process. Set up a tour today and our team will be more than happy to show you the CP Way and our approach to ensuring you make the right choice for yourself and your family. Call us today at 614-414-7988 to reserve your spot!

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