Toddler Program

“Terrible Two’s”? Not at Connected Pathways! We say “Tremendous Tots!” as your little guy begins to learn to try things on his own. Feeding, socializing, and yes…even learning to potty on his own. Connected Pathways’ program is designed to encourage toddler independence while at the same time carefully guiding there first steps in the land of the bigs. We take advantage of every opportunity to allow each toddler to gain confidence in developing the skills they will need to move on to preschool. Time is of essence here as there is a lot for their little minds to learn in such a short period of time. Making consistent attendance at this age very critical as we begin to establish routines and develop the ability to understand basic principles of sharing, listening, and vocalizing their ideas and feelings. It’s an exciting time for all involved and maybe one of the most rewarding as children and teachers alike typically accomplish a lot during the time in this program.

Below is just a sample of the many activities and routines our Toddler Program practices.



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