Kindergarten Program

Ok…here you are. One year away from when you have to make the decision of where to send your baby to the “Big School”. It can be frightening, stressful, and also critical that you make the right choice as today’s public educational system is not in best shape. Don’t worry… Connected Pathways is there to help you determine, not only the best schools, but also preparing your you and your child for what’s to be expected at the next level in education. Connected Pathways prides itself on ensuring families the comfort of knowing they have received the most accurate information available with regard to schools in the area as well understanding how to prepare your child for the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in Literacy (KRAL) and the social skills they’ll need to be ahead of the game on day 1 of Kindergarten. Remember it’s our role to help you to make these challenges easier for you.

See how our program gets prepares your future scholar for the road ahead.



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