Infant Program

The early years of a child’s life can be very uncertain for both you and your “little bitty” as you both embark on your first memories of being away from each other.Connected Pathways understands that separation can be challenging for most families and work to ensure families feel comfortable through the process. At Connected Pathways we spend a great deal of resources in the development of our teachers to ensure that this process is as stress free and comfortable as possible. We offer you as much communication and understanding as possible as we care for your precious little one providing a warm inviting environment for your child to feel nurtured and safe as close to home like as possible. All the while we will emphasis techniques that allow your child to develop as we work to unsure your baby gets as much guidance on learning as their little minds can absorb…and they can absorb a lot. Rest assured that your baby will be safe and secure as we treat each and every baby as if they were very special…because they are!

Please take a look at a sample of what your baby will experience during a normal day in Connected Pathways’ Infant Program.






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